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Chinese sites in Indonesia described by Wolfgang Franke (1988/1997)

The eminent sinologist Wolfgang Franke (1912-2007) has published three collections of Chinese Epigraphic Materials in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand). In 2024 Kenneth Dean, Marcus Bingenheimer and a team of graduate students (Wang Junlin, Wu Fei a.o.) at the National University of Singapore identified and, where possible, geo-referenced the still extant sites that Franke visited for his survey. Chinese epigraphic materials in Indonesia collected, annotated, and edited by Wolfgang Franke, in collaboration with Claudine Salmon and Anthony Siu, with the assistance of Hu Juyun and Teo Lee Kheng. 1988-1997. Singapore: South Seas Society Nanyang Xuehui, 3 vols (Vol. 1: 1988, Vol. 2-1: 1997, Vol 2-2: 1997). This layer lists all 454 sites and assigns nanyang site IDs. We were able to geo-reference only 261 of these with the help of online tools. Especially the many grave sites listed by Franke are often impossible to find with the methods at our disposal. Each entry includes a current address (where known) and the date of the earliest inscription (according to Franke) which is usually an indication of the age of the site.

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